Construction Update – July 28, 2016

Construction Update – July 28, 2016


Richard Bayer cutting floor joists at Ivy Lane

This Saturday we will be at 8 Paulik Place, working our way through all the items on the punch list .

Next Tuesday through Thursday we will be at 1603 Ivy Lane  installing windows.

2016 07 26_aaron

Family Partners, Aaron & Shakinna Murray cleaning at Paulik Place.

2016 07 26_Shakinna

All work days begin promptly at 8 am and finish at noon.

If you have attended orientation and would like to join our team of dedicated volunteers please  email so that Michael will know to expect you.

LowCountry Habitat thanks all our volunteers for their faithful contributions of time and talent. With your help, we are able to move closer to our goal of eliminating substandard housing in northern Beaufort County.


Bobbi Weber & Patty Bayer at Ivy Lane this week

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