Construction Update – June 15, 2017

Construction Update – June 15, 2017

every hand makes a difference!

We lost a day to rain this week but still made good progress on the Brays Island House build.

In picture above, volunteers Mark Vanderpool and Bill Weber are joined by Khalil Badger. Khalil commuted all the way from Pooler and is part of a team of volunteers from Publix who are helping their co-worker, Sheryl Tucker, earn her sweat equity requirement of 8 construction hours each month, now that her house is under construction. Sheryl needs some assistance as her disability prevents her from volunteering herself, at this stage of construction. In the picture below to the left, Richard Bayer and Jim Klein are trimming siding to size and on the right, Bobbi Weber is caulking the porch trim.

This Saturday, next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we need construction volunteers and Family Partners at 2216 Trask Parkway, between 8 am and noon. We will continue installing insulation and siding. If you plan to volunteer, please email Michael at so that he can plan accordingly.

Thank you!

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