Construction Update – October 12, 2017

Construction Update – October 12, 2017

every hand
makes a difference

At the warehouse this week we have continued work on the construction of sheds for our two Greene Street House builds: Beaufort Bank Build and 25th Anniversary Home Build.
Pictured above and below are Volunteers Bobbi and Bill Weber and Peter Pearks.

Pictures by Michael Perry.

We remind our wonderful Volunteers and Family Partners that Michael is away on vacation this Saturday. Enjoy your day off!

All Volunteers and Family Partners are asked to check their schedule for next Tuesday between 9 am and 11 am. Sheila Drouin and the Lowcountry Master Gardeners will be landscaping at 2216 Trask Parkway. Your help will be much appreciated. Please remember to email our construction manager, Michael Perry, at so that he can plan accordingly.

We have a potential remodelling job for next Wednesday and Thursday between 8 am and noon. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Michael and he will keep you updated.

Thank You!

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