Volunteer Role of Honor, September 30, 2017

Volunteer Role of Honor, September 30, 2017

During fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017, as of September 30, 2017,

109 LowCountry Habitat for Humanity volunteers have contributed 2806.70 hours of service.

Our role of honor includes the 35 volunteers who have accumulated the Ground Breaker level of 24

hours through to the Master Finisher level of 1000 hours and above, in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

Thank you for helping our Family Partner’s dreams of home ownership become reality!


Wall Raiser Volunteer, 300 hours+

Dittmer, Barbara (332.00) ReStore and so much more!

Hard Hat Volunteers, 100 hours+

All warehouse Volunteers:

Talmage, Roger (187.00)
Alexander, Robb (168.00)
Conroy, Kevin (134.00)
Cook, Charlotte A. (104.00)
Lawrence, Milton (103.00)

Milton has now retired to Onancock, VA.

Hammer Volunteers, 50 hours+

Cummins, Sr., Bob (92.00) Warehouse
Crooke, Ken (90.00) Warehouse
Hooper, Mark (85.00) Warehouse
Dardzinski, Dena (70.30) Office, ReStore & several Committees!
Marlow, Jerry (58.00) Warehouse
Daniels, James (53.00) Construction & Board
Hull, Ilene (53.000 Warehouse
Abram, Alberta (50.80) ReStore

Ground Breaker Volunteers, 24 hours+

Bowkley, Benjamin (47.30) ReStore & Brays Build
Ellis, Lee Troy (46.50) Brays build
DePalo, Nancy (44.40) ReStore
Dudley, Pat (40.00) Board
Vanderpool, Mark (40.00) Brays/Bank/25th builds
Klein, Jim (38.00) Brays/Bank/25th builds
Saunders, Charles (38.00) Warehouse
Mayse, Sally (34.50) Brays build
Finkelstein-Blair, Nikki (32.90) Office, Writer, Lego build
Pearks, Peter (32.00) Brays build
Weickhardt, Gail (32.00) Family Support Partner, Family Selection, ReStore
Barton, Daniel (30.00) Board
Weber, Bill (29.50) Brays/Bank/25th builds/ReStore
Moore, Anne (28.50) ReStore
Macready, Margaret (27.20) ReStore
Rogan, Carlene (27.00) ReStore & Board
Knight, Kenneth (26.80) ReStore
Paulik, Kathy (26.00) Board
Jordan, Bob (25.50) ReStore
Weber, Bobbi (25.30) Brays/Bank/25th buildst/ReStore
Gombocz, Susie (24.10) ReStore


At LowCountry Habitat for Humanity we truly value the support we receive from all our partners and volunteers in the community. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Through faithful contributions of time and talent, we are able to move closer to our goal of eliminating substandard housing in northern Beaufort County.


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