Volunteer Role of Honor, February 28, 2017

Volunteer Role of Honor, February 28, 2017

Since the beginning of our current fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, as of February 28, 2017, 182 LowCountry Habitat for Humanity volunteers have contributed 8195.5 hours of service. Our role of honor includes the 79 volunteers who have accumulated the Ground Breaker level of 24 hours through to the Master Finisher level of 1000 hours and above, to February 28, this fiscal year.

Thank you for helping our Family Partner’s dreams of home ownership become reality!

Roll of Honor as at February 28, 2017


Golden Hammer 500 hours+

Dittmer, Barbara              895.00                   ReStore/Events


Sheet Rocker 400 hours+

Lawrence, Milton             474.00                   Warehouse

Alexander, Robb              460.00                   Warehouse

Talmage, Roger                 453.80                   Warehouse & ReStore


Wall Raiser 300 hours+

Hull, Ilene                            335.00                   Warehouse

Conroy, Kevin                    323.00                   Warehouse


Hard Hat 100 hours +

Patterson, Beth                190.70   +             Board/Events/ReStore

Cummins, Bob                   180.00                   Warehouse

Duke, Jennifer                  149.30                   ReStore

Barton, Daniel                   147.00                   Board

Marlow, Jerry                    140.00                   Warehouse

Dardzinski, Dena              138.90                   Office/ReStore/Events/Development/Volunteer Committee

Krakehl, Barbara               134.00                   Construction/Events

Bialas, Dan                          130.00                   Warehouse

Shankweiler, Ray             125.00                   Warehouse

Rogan, Carlene                 117.00                   Board/Development/ReStore

Cummins, James              115.00                   Warehouse

Weber, Bill                          114.50                   Construction/Events/mailboxes

Weber, Bobbi                    109.00                   Construction/Events

McPherson, Susan          108.50                   Construction


Hammer 50 hours +

Dwyer, Sharon                  93.00                     Board

Mitchell, Deborah            92.90                     ReStore/Events

Roberts, Micki                   90.00                     Warehouse

Smyth, Doug                      90.00                     Warehouse

Cook, Charlotte A.           85.00                     Warehouse

Pearks, Peter                     79.00                     Construction

Paulik, Kathy                      87.50                     Board/Events/ReStore

Lovell, Joyce                       73.70                     ReStore/Family Selection/Events

Jordan, Bob                        72.50                     ReStore/Events

Mayse, Sally                       68.00                     Construction/ Collegiate Challenge

Erikstrup, Erik                    65.00                     Warehouse

Cummins, Hilda                 64.50                     ReStore

Barton, Alison                    55.10                     ReStore/Development

DePalo, Nancy                   52.40                     ReStore

Gray, Kathlyn                     52.00                     Construction

Sullivan, Denise                50.40                     Board/Development

Crooke, Ken                       50.00                     Warehouse

Ellis, Lee Troy                     50.00                     Construction


Ground Breaker 24+

Green, Suzanne                 49.30                     ReStore

Diemont, Austin               49.00                     ReStore/Construction

Simmons, Sue                   49.00                     ReStore

Bayer, Richard                   45.50                     Construction

Macready, Margaret      44.50                     ReStore

Rae, Catherine                  43.70                     ReStore

Gonzales, Charlotte        43.00                     Board/Family selection

Shup, Marilyn                    42.90                     ReStore

Coleman, Lawrence        39.50                     Construction

Gelbard, Shayne              39.10                     ReStore

Daniels, James                  38.00                     Board/Construction

Gebo, Dawne                    38.00                     Construction

Joy, Kate                              37.50                     ReStore

Pingston, Dwayne           37.50                     ReStore

Williams, Nakia                  37.20                     Construction/ReStore

Drelich, Judah                    33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Ledger, Joe                         33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Nova, Qi                               33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Rolock, Mylee                   33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Sebolt, Cheyanne            33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Stoffel, Jadin                      33.00                     Construction

Swartwout, Alison           33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Takieddine, Baham         33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Yong, Kevin                        33.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Patterson, Neville            32.00                     Events

Pienik, Linda                       30.10                     ReStore

Stevens, Trudy                  29.80                     ReStore

Crowther, Kathy               29.00                     Construction/Events

Ferrell, Mick                       28.50                     Construction

Shapiro, Jim                        28.00                     ReStore

Allen, Muff                         27.30                     ReStore

Baston, Taylor                   24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Cosenza, Jessica               24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Forrest, Michael               24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Klein, Jim                             24.00                     Construction

McDermott, Megan        24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

McKenzie, Patrick            24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Messina, Mike                  24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Mitsky, Paul                       24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Travers, Ciara                     24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

Yusella, Abigail                  24.00                     Collegiate Challenge

At LowCountry Habitat for Humanity we truly value the support we receive from all our partners and volunteers in the community. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Through faithful contributions of time and talent, we are able to move closer to our goal of eliminating substandard housing in northern Beaufort County.




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