Construction Update – January 18, 2018

Construction Update – January 18, 2018

every hand
makes a difference

This weeks pictures from Michael show our Wednesday crew working on shed construction. Top: Barbara and Bobbi. Below: Barbara, Bobbi, Bill, Peter and Jim.


While we await permitting on the Greene Street house builds, we are building sheds to be sold through the ReStore. In addition to creating a new stream of revenue, the construction of these sheds provides an excellent training tool to develop volunteer skills needed on our house builds. If you would like to help, we will continue to work on shed construction at the warehouse this Saturdaynext Wednesday and the following Saturday. On Tuesday and Thursday we will be at 904 Greene Street installing ground barriers. These are plastic barriers that surround the build site. Winter construction hours have been moved forward to 8:30 am to 12:30 pm..


The warehouse is located at 24 Burton Hill Road. On the google maps street view, you can actually see the semi-circular roof of the warehouse. Burton Hill Road is at the stop light on Hwy. 170 at Lowe’s. Coming from the Habitat office, take Hwy. 21 to Hwy. 170, turn right, then, at the Stop light after Lowe’s, turn left on Burton Hill Road. Pass the Burton Fire Station on the left, take the next driveway on the left, (marked for The Greenery and the mailbox is labelled #16.) The Quansett Hut ahead of you is our warehouse. IMPORTANT! If you would like to volunteer, please remember to email our Construction Manager, well ahead of time, and at least 24 hours beforehand, at so that he can plan accordingly. In the event of inclement weather, Michael may need to cancel construction plans and will notify all volunteers planning to work that shift, so it is important that he knows who to contact!


Reminder: We are currently seeking experienced construction volunteers who will be able to make a regular commitment on the Greene Street House Builds, on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. If you are interested, please contact Lee in the office on 843-522-3500 or email


Thank you!

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