Brays Island 2 Wall Raising Volunteer Opportunities

Brays Island 2 Wall Raising Volunteer Opportunities



As promised in last week’s email, the volunteer calendar has been updated with opportunities at the Brays Island 2 House Build on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In preparation for a limited attendance wall raising this Saturday, we have opportunities to raise walls and build the shed, Wednesday through Friday. At this time in history, it is extremely important that you sign up on the volunteer calendar, here.

What is “a limited attendance wall raising” you may be asking. As we continue to be under threat of the spread of COVID-19, and observe measures to keep everyone safe, the number of participants is limited. In order to get the walls raised, therefore, we need to take a different approach than previously. Thus, the staggered wall raising schedule. We will forgo the usual ceremony and excitement, for the sake of safety and simply getting the job done. Saturday’s crew will be limited to members of Family Partner, Denise’s family and a couple of volunteers to assist Michael.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your continued support of our program.

Thank You!

The LowCountry Habitat Team.

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