“Buttoning up” the Beaufort Bank Build

“Buttoning up” the Beaufort Bank Build

As the Beaufort Bank Build nears completion:

CBC National Bank had their team build day at the Beaufort Bank Build on May 19th. Thanks so much for all your help! Photos by Barbara Krakehl.


May 22 & 23, Students from Lowcountry Montessori School volunteered their time at the Beaufort Bank Build. Photo by Michael Perry.

Volunteer, Paul Smith captured Construction Manager, Michael Perry, in deep thought.


June 6: Wednesday crew volunteers, Bill & Bobbi Weber installing porch railings, (with 4-legged assistance from Bo.) Bill & Bobbi have been helping LowCountry Habitat build affordable housing since September 2009! Photo by Michael.

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June 21: Under the watchful eye of Bo, volunteers Matt Greene, (left) and Dennis Harvey were installing trim at the Beaufort Bank Build. Photos by Michael.

June 23: Volunteers from the Navy and USMC, Tevin Strozier (above) Karen Cruz, Ozzy and Aya Ortega (below) spent their Saturday morning at work on the 25th Anniversary and Beaufort Bank Builds. Photos by Michael.


July 11: Lowcountry Concrete poured the drives and paths. Photo by Michael.


July 18: Newly oriented volunteer, Laurie Foley joined our Wednesday crew at the Beaufort Bank Build. Photo by Lee.

July 26: Working at the Beaufort Bank Build this morning: volunteers, Sally and Anne with Family Partner, Brandi. Photo by Michael.

August 3, 2018:

Thank you to all those involved who have made the Beaufort Bank Build house a reality!

This Saturday and all next week we will install trim and paint the exterior of the 25th Anniversary build at 904 Greene Street. Please consider signing up for a shift. Saturday hours are 8 am until 2 pm with a break for a packed-lunch at noon. Tuesday through Friday, hours are 8 am until noon. Simply email Lee at info@lowcountryhabitat.org to reserve your spot. Please remember to arrive well hydrated for your shift!

LowCountry Habitat for Humanity thanks all our wonderful volunteers who give their time and talent to help our Family Partners achieve the dream of home ownership. Every one of you is making a difference!

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