Corona Virus Cosequences Emergency Funds Needed

Corona Virus Cosequences Emergency Funds Needed


Dear Friends,

I don’t normally send you emails like this but these are unprecedented times.

The Corona Virus is already hurting Habitat families by devastating their incomes and placing additional stress on already low income families.

Will you please make an urgent gift to provide support to our families?

I just got off the phone speaking with one of our families, a single mother who has seen her hours at work go from 37 to 3 hours with no clear picture of when this will end.  How can she stay on track, pay her mortgage, pay for childcare and her family’s basic needs on this?  She can’t but you can help.

Your gift will provide emergency assistance to a family already in crisis from this pandemic.

Just this week, I have been contacted by many families whose jobs are at risk, kids are out of school and they have no way to make ends meet. As the mortgage holder, we are able to provide forbearance to help these families stay in their homes but only with your support. As we’ve already shared in previous emails, we have been directed to close our operations, build sites and ReStore for an undetermined period of time. This will have its own negative effect on our ability to continue our mission.

In the short term, LowCountry Habitat for Humanity will bear the burden of this crisis.  We are committed to keeping our families in their homes.

There are no funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need but your gift will provide instant relief and allow Habitat to continue helping our families.

Your action is needed now.  Please make your gift to provide emergency assistance with urgency, by clicking here.

We pray for your safety and health and thank you for your prayers and support of our mission.

Executive Director

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