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“Building a Habitat house transforms not only one family; it transforms a whole community.” – Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter

No family should have to choose between having a decent roof over their heads and putting food on the table, or having air conditioning in the summer or adequate plumbing facilities. But as we all know, reality does not always respect what “should be.” There is a nation-wide crisis in affordable housing, and Beaufort County is not immune.


LowCountry Habitat for Humanity works vigorously to respond to the on going crisis by making decent, affordable housing possible in our community. In order to provide the basics in life, many families are forced to live in unstable, unsafe and substandard housing. Naturally, there are threats to the health of the families who live in these untenable situations. Prolonged instability may lead to family disintegration and failing job and school performance.


Habitat for Humanity provides a solution to the need for affordable housing.  Through sweat equity, volunteerism, and low-cost, no-interest mortgages, Habitat gives a hand up, not a hand out, to families in need.  Habitat families have a strong desire to improve their life circumstances.  Our model provides them with the necessary tools for success- training, education, and supportive services.  Simply put, the Habitat model works! LowCountry Habitat has been active in northern Beaufort County since 1990, and we feel that our work has still only just begun. The board of directors approved implementing a strategic plan to see us move from building two houses a year to building three to four houses a year to meet the escalating housing need in our area. Having completed our 44th home in December 2015, LowCountry Habitat is poised for another exciting year of growth.


Please continue reading to learn more about our ongoing work and impact in our community and how we plan to reach our goals. As you will see there is both reason and opportunity to involve yourself in building a brighter future for our partner families and our communities.