Everyone has been forced to consider the fundamental importance of home — of having safe, decent and affordable shelter when the directive of the day is to stay home. “I think of a stable, decent affordable home as acting like a vaccine. It gives you resilience, or immunity, against future threats,” shared Dr. Megan T. Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health. Never has this been more evident than now.

For low-income families, stay at home orders exacerbate existing struggles such as exposure to unsafe or overcrowded conditions. Others can’t stay home because they’re essential – our bus drivers, sanitation workers, and medical workers – and are therefore more at-risk. While this pandemic affects everyone, the effects on our low-income neighbors are most acute.


Like all of us, Brandi is following the stay at home orders with her four children. Changes for her family have been dramatic. Quarantine is tough but they are managing and Brandi is blessed to be able to work from home. The silver lining to all of it stems from being in a comfortable, safe and affordable home that they can call their own. Now a dim memory, that cramped rental where she lived before her Habitat home was completed, quarantine would have meant something entirely different had it happened then.

When asked about the quarantine and how this has changed her life, Brandi said,

“Before this, we were busy doing life, now we are busy spending time together”

We need to continue to build homes and bring security and stability to our neighbors.   And we need you to help us do that.

COVID-19 has placed a huge stress on our ability to fulfill our mission. A large source of sustained funding has been halted, as a result of our ReStore closure. Our homeowner mortgage payments have been reduced as people lose jobs. And we’ve canceled fundraising events. Now more than ever, families need affordable housing. And now more than ever, we need your support.

Please join our Homes, Communities, Hope + You campaign by making a gift today. Help us, in this moment of global crisis, make sure that everyone has a safe, decent home in which to shelter and build a better future. Thank you!

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