New to The Beaufort Collection: The Adirondack Chair

New to The Beaufort Collection: The Adirondack Chair

LowCountry Habitat for Humanity ReStore is proud to announce a new addition to The Beaufort Collection of Porch Furniture: The Adirondack Chair.

Made from cypress, a wood common to the low country. This species of wood holds up nicely to weather exposure without need for paint or other finish. We do, however, soak the feet bottoms with epoxy since those spots may experience prolonged direct contact with soil.

The seat backs are carefully curved to provide lumbar support as well as enhancing the chair’s overall look.
The front edge of both arms are horizontal and kept wide to form a convenient spot to sit a glass. Arms then tilt downward at 12 degrees and attach to an upper back brace. This brace and the back slats are attached with stainless steel screws and then the holes are plugged with grain matching cypress.
The seat slats are attached to the curved leg rail using mortise and slot tenons. The front and rear leg rails attach to the legs with loose tenon joinery and water proof glue, eliminating the for need mechanical fasteners that might loosen over time.
The chair is 40” tall, 34” deep and 31” wide (arm to arm).
This design was featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Fine WoodWorking magazine and was specifically tailored to ease getting into and out of the chair.

For chairs made from cypress, we are pricing this hand-crafted piece of furniture at $500 for one and $900 for a pair. The chair can be made from woods other than cypress, but the price will be adjusted to reflect our actual cost of material and the possible need for painting or finishing. We’ve seen some beautiful pieces made from mahogany.

Since the chairs are hand made by Habitat craftsmen who have their own private home workshops, it is possible to have a chair built for you even though we are all on lock down and diligently observing all directives relative to the corona virus. All you need to do to order is to call the ReStore at 843-525-0055, or email: We will call or email you back to confirm your order, estimated delivery date, and accept your payment by credit card.

Thank you for your support of LowCountry Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the store that builds homes!


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