Can You Sponsor a Stud?

Can You Sponsor a Stud?

 We have almost reached our fundraising goal! 

Just 25  stud sponsorships are needed!

Studs are essential building materials that form the core of every home. It takes over 375 of these studs to frame a LowCountry Habitat for Humanity house.

For $200, you can sponsor a stud in the next Habitat home to be built in Mint Farm!

When you sponsor a stud, you’ll get an actual stud to adorn with artwork, poetry, Scripture verses, or words of encouragement to the family who will dwell in the next Habitat home. Turn in your stud, and we’ll use it to frame a house. Once the house is framed, you will be invited to a “Stud Finder” party where you come to the house and find your stud doing its job! Sponsor a stud on your own, or join with friends, family, or co-workers and sponsor one or more together.

To sponsor a stud today, click the “Donate” button above and give securely by PayPal.
To learn more, contact Jennifer Shaffer at or by phone at 843.522.3500.


Individuals: Sponsor a stud on behalf of yourself, or sponsor one in honor of a special celebration like a birthday, anniversary, or family reunion. Children can decorate studs at a birthday party. Fill a stud with your favorite Bible verses or inspirational poetry.

Groups: Organize your co-workers, book club, or sports team to sponsor and decorate a stud together.

Businesses: Sponsor a stud and add your logo, along with a message to the family. At the stud finding party, we will be sure to list you as the stud sponsor.


Lowes of Beaufort

First Presbyterian Church

Sea Island Presbyterian Church

Beaufort Pediatrics

Exit Realty

Carteret Street United Methodist Church

Carolina Air, Inc.

Live Oak Builders

Where’d You Get That?

The Dog House

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