What’s New at our Wood Shop?

What’s New at our Wood Shop?

Our team of Craftsmen: Rick, Steve, Ken & Jeff

Our talented team of volunteer craftsmen are always dreaming up new custom projects. Whether it’s one of our pieces of porch furniture from The Beaufort Collection , an Oyster table, a beautiful cedar Adirondack chair, a custom designed and built desk, or as this week, and pictured below, a custom built set of workshop cabinets, one consistent fact is that these guys really do some impressive work. Our customers get exactly what they want and are happy to know that sale proceeds help LowCountry Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing in Beaufort.

A work-in-progress, these custom cabinets will keep a garage workshop nicely organized.

If you are interested in ordering any of the products included in this article, or if you have a custom project in mind, please call Jenny Drake at the ReStore, at 843-525-0055.

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